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Brim came about as a shared vision by its founders to combine a passion for both Audio-Visual Production and Spatial Design. By taking full advantage of the ever evolving technological advancements along with corner-stone visual storytelling techniques, Brim seeks to create the most immersive experiences and deliver quality along with a distinctive style that will bring your space to life.

Minimalist Staircase


Coming from a background in art direction and production design, Valeria's unique sense for spatial cohesion is unparalleled. By understanding and manipulating space, shape, color and texture, she is able to evoke the desired mood and direct one’s attention accordingly.

(THIS ONE) IMG_2882.jpg


Having experience as an audio-visual director and “hands on” independent filmmaker, Julen has developed a sixth sense for composition and visual story telling. Being a multifaceted creator, he understands the multitude of processes, hardware and software required for delivering a quality product.

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